Writer books

Books that would likely be of more interest to writers than readers. I don’t intend to produce any kind of style guide or grammar grimoire. There are plenty of such books already. Instead I have a collection of articles on the ideas behind horror stories and am working on a small Ebook describing my own experiences with self- and traditional publishing.

The Articles of Dume

There was once a hugely popular online magazine known as Alienskin. Within the HTML-pages of this publication, in every issue for seven of its years, you would find an article on writing horror stories. Now, forty-five of those articles are reproduced in this single volume so those who enjoyed them can enjoy them again, and those who didn’t can ignore them all at once.

Available on Smashwords, CreateSpace, Amazon and Lulu.com.

Ebook versions should soon appear on most seller sites.


The Sample of Dume

A free Ebook to give a taste of the tone of the articles

Two articles on horror-writing from Alienskin magazine’s Dr. Dume. These are not concerned with the mechanics of writing, they are intended to get the idea gland buzzing.

Includes the missing article from the 45-article collection, ‘The Articles of Dume’.

Currently only on Smashwords but will be available on most Ebook sites over the coming days. Unfortunately not available on Amazon because I can’t make it free there, but Smashwords have a Kindle version.

No print version for this one. Small books cost too much to produce.

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