Sometimes, silence is the best option.

Stage psychic Derek Acorah has claimed that he has heard from the spirit world concerning the long-missing child Madeleine McCann.

Maybe he has and maybe he hasn’t. My own views on the likelihood of any stage psychics being genuine are well known to anyone who has read much of my writing. In this instance, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he has.

He claims the child is dead. Naturally, this has greatly upset the child’s parents who (obviously) hope she is alive. That outcome could have been predicted with no recourse to any form of psychic ability.

Acorah can provide no proof. No medium, genuine or otherwise, ever could. It’s just not possible.

In which case, making such a claim with no possibility of proof, knowing that it would certainly cause distress, is not the action of a sensible man.

Even if he is right, in this instance he would have been better to remain silent.

There are many things that people simply don’t want to know and unless you can prove that what you say is true, speaking out will only invite ridicule and derision.

Why invite that?


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